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Høringssvar om fødevarekontaktmaterialer af plast

12. September 2019

Til Fødevarestyrelsen

Nedenstående er Forbrugerrådet Tænks høringssvar på ”forslag til 14. ændring af forordning 10/2011 om fødevarekontaktmaterialer af plast.”

Det er udarbejdet sammen med europæiske kollegaer, så derfor på engelsk.

(2) It’s positive that there’s lower threshold, but a ban of these chemicals in FCMs needs to be the goal. The Danish Consumer Council finds it unacceptable to accept migration of PAAs. There should be no PAAs in food packaging.

(3) As for bullet 1 we support a ban for 1,3 phenylenediamine (Mutagenic Cat. 2). Some level of migration has to be expected. Also even if it’s very low—we know that it’s not the only carcinogen people are exposed to and we are worried about mixture toxicity (cocktail effects). The goal has to be: avoid use of carcinogens and replace by benign substances.

(13, 14, 15)— Should we even allow impurities? By putting Cadmium, Arsenic, Chromium, Lead and Mercury on the Annex II it is in a way an authorization of these very hazardous elements. The message to producers should be that they have to buy batch materials without these substances  and not accept impurities. This is a step backwards if this is implemented and this is not in line with the precautionary principle. At least a detection limit should be set – it is not enough to say, “a level with is not detectable in the food or food simulant”.

(22) This is an improvement. We support.